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Bosch boosts software integration with Milestone to embrace all XProtect versions

by Brian Sims

Building on the already strong base of the complete video integration between Bosch Security Systems and Milestone Systems, the partnership between the two has been deepened to cover all Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS) editions within the Bosch software Building Integration System (BIS).           

This integration enables solutions that combine several building management functions on a single platform, like alarm and security management. Thanks to the integration of BIS with XProtect, in case of fire or intrusion the relevant video cameras will be activated on an automatic basis.

An alarm coming from a detector connected to the BIS server triggers the camera of the scene to the XProtect client for alarm verification. The operator can then zoom in for details and further investigate the scene with more cameras before responding to the alarm.

To further enhance security, the functionality of XProtect itself is monitored continuously. The BIS alarm management function will automatically report if there’s a problem with the XProtect server or if there’s no more free memory to store video images.

The VMS from Milestone Systems already supports Bosch Security Systems’ Access Professional Edition (APE). APE is an easy-to-use software for controlling access to small- and medium-sized enterprises with high-security requirements. With the combination of APE and Milestone XProtect, security operators control and monitor all Bosch access devices through XProtect. It covers integrated alarm management, video verification, door handling and event viewing from one user interface. This server-based access control solution ensures proper search functions and grouping capabilities for more effective cardholder management.

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