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BlackBerry launches Professional Cyber Security Services Practice to expand business portfolio

by Brian Sims

BlackBerry, the secure mobile communications specialist, has announced the launch of its new Professional Cyber Security Services Practice that will further expand the business’ security portfolio by offering organisations new consulting services, tools and Best Practice advice to assess and thwart ever-changing cyber security risks.

Cyber security is a persistent and increasing business risk for organisations that depend on mobile endpoints connecting through networked and cloud-enabled platforms. It’s estimated that data breaches currently cost the global economy more than $400 billion every year. Some industry sectors, such as the automotive arena, are being forced to grapple with cyber security threats for the first time as cars become more connected, intelligent and self-sufficient.

As cyber security threats become more pervasive with increasing Internet connectivity, there’s a greater demand for more robust defensive tactics to combat these risks. BlackBerry’s new Professional Cyber Security Practice is intended to address that market demand.

Cyber security consulting is currently estimated to be a $16.5 billion annual global business that’s forecast to grow to $23 billion per annum by 2019. As such, cyber security consulting represents a natural market opportunity for BlackBerry since it already securely manages hundreds of millions of mobile endpoints and provides critical systems software for more than 60 million connected cars.

BlackBerry’s new cyber security consulting services and tools, combined with BlackBerry’s existing security solutions, will help customers identify the latest cyber security threats, develop risk appropriate mitigation strategies, implement and maintain IT security standards and techniques and defend against the risk of future attacks.

Issues to be addressed

The Professional Cyber Security Services Practice will address:

*Strategic Security: Best Practice in IT operation ranging across enterprise mobility management and cloud services

*Technical Security: Technical assistance for infrastructure and product development lifecycle

*Automotive and Internet of Things Security: Security consulting services as the rapid commercialisation of Internet of Things solutions makes security and privacy a top priority

*Detection, Testing and Analysis: Threat detection and mitigation penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and incident response analysis. This includes forensic services, business security status via IT health checks, training, regulatory compliance and security breach management through incident response

As part of the new Professional Cyber Security Services Practice – and aligned with BlackBerry’s core emphasis on securing mobile communications across all platforms – BlackBerry acquired UK-based Encription Limited, which brings years of cyber security consulting experience to the organisation. The acquisition of Encription Limited was completed on 19 February. Specific terms of the deal are not being disclosed.

Encription Limited’s specialties range from deep technical skills in software security to hardware capabilities. This includes assessments in penetration testing, mimicking the techniques of malicious hackers to ensure organisations are aware of cyber risks posed by criminal hackers and how to address them.

Additionally, Encription Limited has been entrusted by one of the UK Government’s highest security standards with the CESG CHECK IT and ISO/IEC 27001 certifications. This adds another significant security certification to BlackBerry’s portfolio in order to meet the stringent standards and requirements for countries the company serves.

Complexity of enterprise mobility and security increases

“We’re always evolving to maintain a high standard as the complexity of enterprise mobility and security increases,” said John Chen, executive chairman and CEO at BlackBerry. “We recognise that security vulnerabilities are a top risk concern for public and private sector organisations alike. The creation of our Professional Cyber Security Services Practice and the acquisition of Encription reinforces our commitment to providing customers with the industry’s most secure mobility solutions and helping them to assess and mitigate risks.”

BlackBerry has earned more than 70 Government certifications and approvals. BlackBerry is also the trusted mobility partner of all G7 Governments, 16 of the G20 Governments, ten out of ten of the largest global banks and law firms and the Top Five largest managed healthcare, investment services and oil and gas companies.

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