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BlackBerry advances real-time adaptive security and Artificial Intelligence

by Brian Sims

BlackBerry has launched BlackBerry Intelligent Security, the first cloud-based solution that leverages the power of adaptive security, continuous authentication and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance mobile endpoint security in zero trust environments.

BlackBerry Intelligent Security uses a combination of contextual and behavioural factors to dynamically adapt security requirements and calculate a unique risk score for each interaction. Using this unique risk score, a mobile user can be granted access to specific device applications and services as defined by IT administrators. This provides granular control and delivers a better and more productive end user experience – all without sacrificing an organisation’s regulatory and security policies.

BlackBerry Intelligent Security makes use of a range of behavioural, device and other characteristics to seamlessly secure endpoints. Some of the contextual factors include:

Behavioural Location: BlackBerry Intelligent Security learns the trusted locations, frequency and patterns of users based on detailed analyses of anonymised location and other behavioural inputs to determine behaviour and location-based risk score. Locations can be predefined with a set of policy actions to be executed when a user is within the location boundaries

Network Trust: BlackBerry Intelligent Security learns the frequency of network use and adjusts security dynamically based on that profile. For example, the solution would adjust the risk score accordingly for a user who’s accessing any new Wi-Fi for the first time

Time and Usage Anomalies: BlackBerry Intelligent Security learns how and when employees normally access data to protect against instances of anomalous behaviour

Device and App DNA: BlackBerry Intelligent Security builds an identifying signature for trusted, compliant devices and apps and uses that signature to detect and block access attempts by rogue, non-compliant devices

“The increasing velocity and complexity of threats render traditional security models incapable of fully satisfying critical requirements,” said Bryan Palma, BlackBerry’s president and COO. “BlackBerry Intelligent Security’s real-world context, machine learning and predictive analytics set a new standard for a zero trust environment, in turn bringing a new level of sophistication to all industries where security is essential.”

Phil Hochmuth, programme vice-president for enterprise mobility and client endpoint management at IDC, responded: “Enterprises want to move from passive to real-time adaptive security solutions. With BlackBerry Intelligent Security, organisations are now able to dynamically adapt security policies based on situational risk for all employees using their personal devices.”

BlackBerry Intelligent Security is the first solution built on top of the BlackBerry Spark platform. Coupled with the company’s CylancePERSONA, BlackBerry now offers real-time adaptive security with AI for all endpoints – from mobile to desktop.

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