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Bitglass 2018 BYOD Report: “More than 50% of companies witness rise in mobile security threats”

by Brian Sims

Bitglass has released its 2018 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Security Report. The analysis is based on a survey of nearly 400 enterprise IT experts who revealed the state of BYOD and mobile device security in their organisations.

According to the detailed study, no less than 85% of today’s organisations are embracing BYOD. Interestingly, many organisations are even allowing contractors, partners, customers and suppliers to access corporate data on their personal devices.

Amid this BYOD frenzy, over half of the survey’s respondents believe that the volume of threats to mobile devices has increased over the past 12 months.

“While most companies believe mobile devices are being targeted more than ever, our findings indicate that many still lack the basic tools needed to secure data in BYOD environments,” said Rich Campagna, CMO of Bitglass. “Enterprises should feel empowered to take advantage of BYOD’s myriad benefits, but must employ comprehensive, real-time security if they want to do so safely and successfully.”

Organisations are embracing BYOD, making it available to employees (76%), contractors (27%), business partners (25%), customers (22%) and suppliers (19%). 51% of respondents believe the number of threats targeting mobile devices has increased in the past year. Unfortunately, only 30% of firms are confident that they’re properly defending against malware on personal and mobile devices.

30% of enterprises cite company security concerns as the leading inhibitor to BYOD adoption. Specifically, they’re worried about data leakage (61%), unauthorised data access (53%) and the inability to control uploads and downloads (53%).

One-in-five organisations lacks visibility into basic, native mobile apps (like e-mail) on personal devices, while only 56% of companies can employ key functionality like remote wipe for removing sensitive data from endpoints.

Bitglass partnered with a cross-industry cyber security community to survey nearly 400 IT experts about the state of BYOD security in their organisations. To learn more, download the 2018 BYOD Security Report at https://pages.bitglass.com/MissionImpossibleSecuringBYOD_LP.html

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