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Benchmark Smart Solutions website launched by Pro-Activ Publications

by Brian Sims

The technology-based security sector is evolving to deliver an ever-wider range of value-added benefits for customers. By leveraging the latest developments from both the security industry and wider technological sectors, installers and integrators are increasingly able to deliver smart solutions that exceed end user expectations, while at the same time delivering credible and robust security.

In recognition of the changing technological landscape, Benchmark – Risk UK’s sister title at Pro-Activ Publications and the industry’s only publication dedicated to tests, assessments and field trials of direct relevance and interest to security engineers – has launched the Smart Solutions project.

The project is being run in conjunction with partner companies Axis Communications, Milestone Systems, Optex, Texecom, Norbain and Paxton, and aims to deliver credible and effective resources to actively assist those installers and integrators migrating to new and emerging technologies.

The Benchmark Smart Solutions project includes the creation of an integrated test-bed solution which will then be used to explore the potential for adding value and benefits. As the test system is based solely on security technologies, it will be used to demonstrate that the inclusion of additional functionality need not impact on security performance. It will also actively illustrate how modern security technology can be used to realise efficiencies and budgetary savings for end users.

Pete Conway, Editor of Benchmark, explained: “The rapidly evolving technological landscape is enabling the design and implementation of innovative and bespoke security solutions that add value for end users. Professional systems can not only deliver credible security, but can also enhance site management and introduce greater efficiencies for businesses and organisations. That they can provide these benefits in a resilient and reliable manner emphasises precisely why the industry must take smart solutions seriously in order to advance.”

The project includes a dedicated website – www.benchmarksmart.com – which has officially launched. This will be used to deliver updates from the project, as well as other resources designed to support installers and integrators who are looking to migrate to the delivery of smart and innovative bespoke solutions.

Driving innovation in the security sector

Conway went on to state: “At Benchmark, we passionately believe that the future growth and development of the security sector depends upon the creation of flexible, scaleable and effective solutions. As technology delivers ever increasing levels of functionality, so the ability to integrate elements such as business intelligence and smart management creates a more valued proposition for all concerned. This brings together enhanced security with truly beneficial solutions.”

Continuing this theme, Conway observed: “We firmly believe that, by embracing new and emerging technologies, and adopting a more holistic approach to encompass the inherent flexibility they offer, professionals can deliver credible solutions that realise enhanced protection, security and business benefits. Any solution which includes a degree of compromise, no matter how small, will always be flawed. Given the depth of options now available for practitioners, the use of limited or outdated technologies, or formulaic design which doesn’t specifically address the needs of a customer, is simply unacceptable.”

Through independent testing, system and technology assessments, field-based analysis, educational articles and informed debate, Benchmark provides vital information for those seeking to create Best-in-Class solutions. The editorial materials included in the magazine and its online initiatives ensure that those who offer bespoke advanced solutions have access to honest, independent and relevant reporting that aids and supports them in their work.

As is the case with fellow Pro-Activ Publications titles Risk UK and PSI, Benchmark delivers its content via a monthly print-based publication, in addition to a number of interactive electronic initiatives.

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