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Benchmark May 2013 now available

by Brian Sims

The May 2013 issue of Benchmark – Risk UK’s sister publication – is now available, both as a print hard copy publication, along with an on-line interactive edition, which is free to view. The latest issue includes a technology test looking at the best ways of maximising image quality without increasing the network load, to assess how bandwidth management is best approached. It also includes an in-depth look at the Riva RE4000 from Vidicore, and the Aptiq MT15 reader from Ingersoll Rand. The issue also includes a round-up of HD-SDI compatible video recorders. Bringing together the integrated capabilities of multiple sites is increasingly an option considered by modern businesses, and Benchmark considers the best approach to sytstem design, as well as looking at the role of video analytics as a business management tool. READ THIS ISSUE NOW

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