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BeCyberSure appoints Tim Watts OBE as consultant and senior advisor for cyber security

by Brian Sims
Tim Watts OBE

Tim Watts OBE

BeCyberSure has announced the appointment of Tim Watts OBE as a consultant and senior advisor. He brings to BeCyberSure (and the SME sector in particular) more than 36 years of experience, having worked for the Ministry of Defence, the British Army and the United Nations. Watts is a specialist in delivering secure, resilient IT and communications across the globe in direct support of senior decision-makers and defence businesses alike.

As the British Army’s Signal Officer-in-Chief, Watts was its top communications professional and head of 9,000 technical military experts. He has managed the Ministry of Defence’s multi-billion pound global information infrastructure capabilities, run its IT and communications college, directed a large and complex C4I programme in the Middle East and has also held senior appointments in sub-Saharan Africa.

Since leaving the military, Watts has been in demand as a senior consultant in a range of IT, cyber and training disciplines, alongside his work in anti-corruption compliance and assisting with Army Board casework.

Commenting on his appointment, Watts stated: “Whether as standalone enterprises or as the vital supply chain for bigger things, SMEs are both the lifeblood of business and, from a cyber perspective, a weakness. BeCyberSure’s refreshing focus on supporting SMEs with tailored, value-for-money services is what attracted me, and I’m proud and excited to be part of this friendly and professional team.”

CEO of BeCyberSure, Andrew Taylor, stated: “We’ve assembled a team at BeCyberSure whose accumulative experience is unprecedented. The level of expertise we’re bringing to SME organisations to secure their information and assets would be the envy of much larger organisations.”

BeCyberSure covers the full spectrum of the ‘Information Security’ threat. This includes physical, cyber, governance, education and training and business continuity issues such as crisis management and disaster recovery. The aim is to ensure that BeCyberSure’s clients will be well positioned to identify, block, eject and mitigate the effects of a breach and return to doing business as quickly as possible.

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