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barox releases Siemens Siveillance VMS IP video network plug-in for end users

by Brian Sims

barox, the manufacturer of IT switches designed specifically for the demands of video networks, has released a DMS SNMP Siemens Siveillance VMS plug-in that allows end users and installers to take full advantage of Siveillance VMS software control. The new plug-in supports the entire portfolio of barox switches, which are designed for the high data throughput of video networks and Jumbo frames of up to 9,600 Bytes at 100 Mbps.

Available free of charge from barox (email: mail@barox.de), supplied as a download link or on a memory stick, the new Siemens Siveillance plug-in enables the real-time active monitoring of connected cameras/devices, active monitoring of Power over Ethernet (PoE), PoE performance and power management.

Eliminating the need for a separate network management installation and offering invaluable network information, the integrated barox Siemens Siveillance GUI allows operators to monitor an entire video network via a live graphical overview of network topology. Using the barox Siemens Siviellance VMS plug-in, system diagnostic data showing the status of cameras and switches permits the fast pinpointing of network and device issues. For example, if a network camera fails to respond, the plug-in enables any device to be selected and re-booted.

Being able to see live PoE usage on each port makes it easy to diagnose errors and outages remotely, allowing the new plug-in to enable barox network switches to act as ‘health centres’ to assess edge devices and automatically generate a tree diagram with all network devices shown. In this way, operators can always have sight of which cameras are connected and operational. This is a particularly useful function as surveillance cameras behave differently to other types of IP devices, with changing power demands due to shutter activation, pan and tilt motor drives, heaters or IR illuminators, etc.

An “essential” IP network tool, the barox Siveillance plug-in assists system operators to proactively identify and respond to camera degeneration, or to automatically reset frozen cameras by interrupting their PoE to force a reboot. Where barox Active Camera Tracking automatically pings a camera that fails to respond to its PoE being taken away for reboot, fault logging flags-up the issue, allowing the proactive pinpointing of network and device issues.

“With the new Siemens Siveillance VMS plug-in, barox is leading the way in IP network management, supporting professional installers and their end users to reduce their equipment replacement costs and keep network downtime to an absolute minimum,” urged Rudolf Rohr, barox’s co-founder and managing partner. “barox designs all of its products to support the specialist requirements of video surveillance networks and helping installers to save costs by minimising network set-up time and avoiding service journeys to site is part of that ethos.”

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