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barox attains specialist ISO 27001 ISMS certification focused on cyber security

by Brian Sims

barox, the manufacturer of IT switches, media converters and IP extenders specifically designed for the demands of video networks, has announced that, alongside its ISO 9001 certification, the business has successfully implemented an ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) for data and information security.

Designed to help organisations manage their information security processes in line with international Best Practice, achieving ISO 27001 was a key objective for the company, wherein the implementation and management of the secure communication of sensitive information has always been a top priority.

Now that the manufacturer of IT switches for video networks has been certified by an independent testing body, the ISO 27001 certification will be used to support the company’s drive to guarantee that it continuously improves and rigorously checks its information security safety standards.

ISO 27001 defines the requirements for the set-up, implementation and continuous improvement of a documented ISMS. The needs of all parties involved are equally important. In addition, applicable legal and regulatory requirements are taken into account and security mechanisms employed to protect all internal company information. This also includes employee, customer and supplier data, as well as information on product safety.

“Our products are used as active components in security and safety-critical systems,” explained Angelo Banfi, co-founder and managing director of barox. “Therefore, it’s particularly important for us to protect this security-relevant, customer and project-related data.”

barox adopts an holistic view of the safety of its products, where the product characteristics and the communication of product, project-specific parameters and processes are all required to be handled safely and responsibly. This includes the entire process from production through to delivery of the products encompassing physical transport and product storage. “We do take the issue of end-to-end information security very seriously indeed,” confirmed Banfi.

Regular training will maintain the high standards required by barox employees in relation to the requirements of information security. Likewise, cyber security is high on the barox agenda, and especially so within the company’s video switch training seminars.

“We place a great deal of emphasis on supporting our customers to help improve their practical implementation of cyber security,” continued Banfi. “For example, we still see management access passwords for switches left in their factory default setting. Making sure that the security basics are understood is a good platform for advancing high cyber security standards.”

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