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Barclays Bank and Buckinghamshire New University schedule events to protect businesses from cyber fraud

by Brian Sims

Protecting a business from cyber fraud can be confusing. Knowing where to start – and even the simple steps to take in order to protect against the most common kinds of cyber fraud – can seem like an insurmountable challenge. Often, business owners don’t believe cyber fraud is their problem, but with the Government now reporting that 74% of smaller businesses alone have been affected by a cyber security breach in the last year alone, it’s clear that fraud is everyone’s issue.

With that backdrop very much in mind, Barclays Bank – in association with Buckinghamshire New University – is set to host two free evening events in March designed to support local businesses as they develop their cyber security defences.

Featuring speakers from industry, Government, the police and academia, these evenings are designed to introduce businesses to some of the most common cyber problems, as well as the solutions that are presently available.

Neil Dymond, relationship director for Barclays Corporate, noted that cyber security is everyone’s business. “Cyber fraud is a growing menace in our digital age,” commented Dymond. “These events have been designed as a ‘one stop shop’ for business owners and managers to learn more about the threat, and find ways in which to protect their businesses going forward.”

Emma Parkinson, head of security and resilience at Buckinghamshire New University, added: “With cyber security and awareness around cyber fraud so high on the Government’s agenda, we’re delighted to be able to support Barclays by sharing knowledge at this event. We’re looking forward to having so much expertise in one room which will be of real benefit to businesses in the Buckinghamshire area.”

The early evening events take place on 10 March at Buckinghamshire New University’s High Wycombe Campus and on 17 March at University Campus, Aylesbury Vale (located in Walton Street, Aylesbury).

Both events begin at 5.30 pm with registration and networking before the speakers commence their presentations at 6.30 pm. There will be an opportunity for questions before the evenings close at 8.30 pm.

*Places can be reserved by contacting: neil.dymond@barclays.com

Biographies of the speakers

Phillip Wood MBE

Phillip Wood MBE

Phillip Wood MBE (Head of School, Management and Professional Studies, Buckinghamshire New University)

Phillip Wood MBE has extensive knowledge in a wide range of security, resilience and asset protection disciplines. Before joining Buckinghamshire New University in September 2009, he was employed as a commissioned officer in the Royal Air Force. This provides him with a high degree of specialist resilience and continuity knowledge in the physical, information, personnel and infrastructure domains, alongside his academic and applied knowledge in security and risk management.

Detective Sergeant Chris Greatorex (Police Officer, South East Regional Organised Crime Unit)

An officer of the Thames Valley Police, Chris Greatorex works as part of the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU) where he focuses on cyber crime. With his specific knowledge focused on the threats faced by businesses in the region – including the surprising scale of local attacks – Chris can help businesses concentrate on the key issues and challenges involved.

Joe Cooksey (Business Digital Eagle, Barclays Bank)

Joe Cooksey is a business digital eagle at Barclays. His role is to help SMEs make the most of their digital presence, and demonstrate how they can both protect and grow their business in the online space. Cooksey’s talk will cover the threats that exist to businesses in the cyber realm, and how they can take steps designed to protect themselves.

Mike Gillespie

Mike Gillespie

Mike Gillespie (Managing Director, Advent IM)

The managing director of Advent IM, Mike Gillespie is an information security practitioner and consultant of many years’ standing and well versed in the threats posed to organisational information assets. An active member of The Security Institute since 2008, Mike was voted on to the Board of Directors in 2013 and given special responsibility for cyber research and strategy. He’s regularly called upon to speak at events and contribute editorial comment, most recently for the BBC, The Sunday Times and, indeed, Risk UK.

Paul Oughton (Security Consultant, Advent IM)

Paul Oughton is a highly experienced security consultant and trainer. With a security business sector career spanning ten years, Oughton has developed specialist knowledge in the provision and review of security and resilience solutions for critical sites and high profile projects. An accomplished risk management professional, he has a wealth of client advisory experience and technical expertise. Oughton has worked extensively within the fields of Critical National Infrastructure and aviation security as well as developing security solutions for operational sites used by the military and the Emergency Services both here in the UK and overseas.

Allen Wilkes (Technical Sales Consultant, Teneo)

With 15 years’ experience in protecting businesses against cyber attack, Allen Wilkes will be explaining the benefits of the Government’s Cyber Essentials Scheme. This has been set up to provide clear advice and guidance regarding Internet security. Cyber Essentials is designed for organisations of all sizes and all sectors, and covers the basics of cyber security in an organisation’s enterprise or corporate IT system. Wilkes will demonstrate how the implementation of these controls can significantly reduce the risk of prevalent, but unskilled cyber attacks.

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