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BAFE fully supports Chief Fire Officers Association’s UK Business Safety Week 2016

by Brian Sims

The Chief Fire Officers Association’s (CFOA) UK Business Safety Week 2016 ran from 5-11 September, highlighting the importance of fire safety for businesses all over the UK.

As always, the main aims of the week were to help the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) explain what help and support it provides to businesses, and also to reduce the number of enforcement notices. Fire safety should be an everyday part of working life such that employees can respond safely and appropriately in the event of an incident.

CFOA is asking businesses to work with the FRS to ensure that companies are safe. CFOA also stresses the importance of reducing the number of false alarms (which drain the FRS’ time and resources) and outlines the ways in which organisations might protect themselves from arson.

This fire safety information should always be shared with employees. A better fire safety-trained workforce will create a safer environment for all those within a given building, and also assist in protecting the building itself due to an educated staff making more informed decisions.

BAFE fully supports CFOA’s important message of keeping businesses safe from fire. All BAFE-registered companies are third party-certified in specific areas of fire protection to help companies meet the important obligations listed in UK fire legislation.

“UK Business Safety Week is a great campaign that assists in highlighting the importance of protecting businesses from fire,” enthused Stephen Adams, CEO at BAFE. “Statistics stating that almost three quarters of all businesses involved in a major fire don’t re-open or fail within three years of the fire episode show that it can be a costly mistake not to address fire protection to a high standard.”

Once an organisation has established a quality fire safety policy, it’s every bit as important that this policy is then rigidly maintained. Fire extinguishers must be serviced regularly. Fire detection and alarm/emergency lighting systems have to be maintained, while the all-important fire risk assessment must be reviewed and updated whenever there’s a change to the building or the purpose of a given room or space is altered.

To ensure fire protection works required on your building(s) are completed to a high quality, professional standard it’s Best Practice to use a BAFE-registered company. Search here to find third party-certified solution providers.

*For more information about UK Business Safety Week visit the CFOA website

CFOA members vote to change Articles of Association

CFOA members have voted on proposals to change the Articles of Association which will alter the structure of the Association. The proposals put forward intend to strengthen the professional/operational leadership of the Fire and Rescue Service, improve national co-ordination, reduce duplication and increase efficiency, support local service delivery and provide increased influence for Fire and Rescue Authorities and their services.

The proposals put forward have been approved and, as such, the CFOA Board will now begin the process of implementing change on behalf of the membership. Key changes include:

*removal of the term ‘CFOA Board’ to be replaced by ‘CFOA Trustees’

*replacing the CFOA president’s role as chair of the CFOA Board with the new role of ‘Chair of Trustees’

*the addition of the role of National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) Chair

*addition of the section on NFCC

*changing the name of Ordinary membership to Individual membership

*addition of Professional Partner (PP) to categories of membership

*changes to reflect the intention that most individual membership subscriptions will be paid for by the relevant Fire Authority as part of the PP package, but leaving the option for an individual to choose to pay their own subscription if a service opts not to be a PP

*the appointment process for Trustees

*the election process for the Vice-President Elect is to be removed. Trustees have the powers to determine the election process which provides the flexibility that may be required for future elections

CFOA will now invite nominations from Chief Fire Officers for the role of chair of the National Fire Chiefs Council.

Members have also approved a new Code of Ethics and Disciplinary and Appeals Procedure which provides evidence of their commitment to both professionalism and integrity.

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