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Axon and Milestone Systems forge strategic partnership based on Evidence.com

by Brian Sims

Axon, the connected law enforcement technologies specialist, has announced a strategic partnership with Milestone Systems, the open platform IP video management software (VMS) provider.

Law enforcement agencies receive data from a multitude of digital video providers, which they then need to analyse and store across various platforms. The new partnership allows agencies to ingest all that digital data, including data captured on non-Axon devices, into Evidence.com, providing one integrated solution for an efficient and unified workflow.

With the Axon Network, customers can securely and efficiently analyse photo and video footage captured on the Axon Capture smartphone app, body-worn, in-car and interview room cameras.

The Axon partnership with Milestone brings data from more than 6,000 models of cameras from 150 manufacturers, including CCTV footage, into that Axon ecosystem and allows for a combined holistic review of all evidence. The Milestone Systems data is ingested into the Axon Network such that customers can apply the same tools to all camera footage for the combined video evidence. This provides the ability to view and analyse video footage, redact in one single tool and quickly share case files with prosecutors.

“We’re excited to partner with Axon as an early adopter of our new video streaming interface,” explained Brad Eck, strategic alliances programme owner at Milestone Systems. “This partnership will deliver great value to our joint customers by giving them a unified overview of digital evidence and evidence handling. This illustrates the value of the open platform community to join forces for improving safety and security.”

Axon CEO and founder Rick Smith responded: “This partnership with Milestone will provide an invaluable service to our customers as it helps streamline the entire evidence analysis process. Law enforcement agencies will have the ability to ingest data from many more sources into the Axon Network, subsequently accelerating the capture-to-courtroom workflow.”

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