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Automated actions triggered by user counts for Inner Range’s Inception

by Brian Sims

Access control solutions developer Inner Range has released a new update for it’s popular Entry-level product Inception, allowing operators to set automated actions in response to specific user numbers. Automated actions based on user count triggers include being able to change heating and air conditioning (depending on the number of people on site or in a particular area) and showing messages about parking availability for drivers as they enter car parks (depending on how many other vehicles are there or automatic alarm-setting as people leave the site).

Tim Northwood, general manager of Inner Range, said: “This is about making life better and easier for end users and security managers alike. By automating some building and facilities functions, security managers can free-up their time to deal with the most important matters. It’s another great feature for Inception, adding to the system’s power and flexibility, while still retaining a budget-friendly price tag.”

Inception is Inner Range’s award-winning Entry-level access control and security alarm system. It’s simple to install, offers any time, anywhere web browser access without the need for additional software and can integrate with CCTV and some building automation functions to ease access and ensure security for single sites.

Another feature in the latest update allows security managers to export encrypted CSV files of usernames and passwords from one Inception system to another, which helps organisations such as schools that may have staff moving between sites.

The Inception update is available now for all new and existing customers.

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