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ASSA ABLOY door closers meet certification demands for uninsulated metal fire doors

by Brian Sims

ASSA ABLOY’s range of door closers is one of the few available on the market to satisfy the certification demands of uninsulated metal fire doors, the ASSA ABLOY Door Hardware and Access Control Group has announced.

At the end of 2017, a number of UKAS-accredited authorities withdrew certification for almost all door closers used on uninsulated metal fire doors. While a number of these certifications have since been reinstated, they typically only cover the use of door closers on the side of the fire door that’s deemed most at risk. In many instances, it can be difficult to determine which side of the fire door this is.

With ASSA ABLOY’s DC200, DC300, DC500 and DC700 door closers, this is no longer an issue for building owners. Following stringent testing, all of these door closer ranges meet the certification requirements for uninsulated metal fire doors, whether fitted on the exposed (fire) or unexposed (fire safe) side of the door.

ASSA ABLOY’s door closer range is suitable for up to four-hour ratings, eliminating any concerns around whether the door closers meet fire safety regulations for uninsulated metal fire doors.

David Hindle, head of door closer sales at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions UK and Ireland, said: “Once again, ASSA ABLOY is leading the way, ensuring that its door closers don’t compromise fire safety regulations. The ASSA ABLOY DC200, DC300, DC500 and DC700 units are not only accredited, but also use the same mounting position, so installers and building owners can be confident that there are no caveats or risks when it comes to using these solutions with uninsulated metal fire doors. This is a claim that not many other manufacturers can make.”

Hindle continued: “As a result, this range of ASSA ABLOY door closers can be specified with confidence, with installers and end users safe in the knowledge that the products will perform to the standards expected, while also being appropriately certified, for uninsulated metal fire doors. We believe it should be clear and easy to understand whether a door closer compromises fire safety regulation or not. With ASSA ABLOY’s door closer range, there is no confusion whatsoever.”

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