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ASIS International and French Gendarmerie Officers Academy forge strategic partnership

by Brian Sims

ASIS International has formed a new strategic partnership with the École des Officiers de la Gendarmerie Nationale (EOGN), also known as the French Gendarmerie Officers Academy, which allows up to two ASIS members per year to enroll in the esteemed security management MBA programme at the EOGN’s campus in Paris. The agreement also facilitates the joint development of future educational modules based on a common vision around the need to pool knowledge and resources in order to promote security as a strategic function within today’s organisations.

“We’re delighted to have concluded this important partnership that will bring additional value and opportunities to ASIS members and helps to put our society at the forefront of security education,” said Christina Duffey CPP, ASIS International’s president in 2019.

Dr Nicolas Le Saux CPP, chairman of ASIS International’s European Advisory Council, added: “This agreement with the EOGN is a game-changer for ASIS in Europe. We hope that it paves the way for similar partnerships with military and law enforcement organisations in other European countries.”

Christina Duffey CPP

Christina Duffey CPP

The agreement was signed in Melun on 20 May in the presence of General Christophe Boyer (EOGN commander), Major Olivier Anceau (head of the MBA programme), Dr Le Saux, Eric Davoine CPP (ASIS France Chapter chair) and ASIS CEO Peter O’Neil.

ASIS International would like to recognise the extremely valuable work and support provided to the design and implementation of this partnership by Major Lydéric Donet-Mary.

“We’re very pleased to sign this partnership with ASIS International as this fits perfectly into the MBA’s DNA, conceived to strengthen the public-private security co-production,” said General Christophe BOYER. “We hope that the new alliance will open new doors for us to interact with the main players in international safety and security.”

*More information about the special MBA programme can be found online at https://mba-securite-eogn.fr/. ASIS members who wish to apply can contact the MBA Department at +33 06 88 18 55 50 or e-mail contact@mba-securite-eogn.fr for further details

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