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ASIS announces “world-class” line-up of Keynote Speakers for GSX 2019

by Brian Sims

ASIS International has just announced its line-up of Keynote Speakers for the Global Security Exchange 2019, which is to be held from 8-12 September in Chicago. The exciting schedule includes presentations from leading authorities with experience and expertise in international security, politics, homeland security, cyber security and corporate security.

“GSX 2019 will feature an impressive line-up of speakers that truly reflects the diverse and evolving nature of the security profession, as well as the issues beyond security that ASIS members face each day,” said Christina Duffey CPP, president of ASIS International. “These distinguished executives come from different facets of the security industry and we know full well that GSX 2019 attendees will benefit from their insights and expertise.”

Tuesday’s general session (running from 8.30 am until 10.00 am on 10 September) will feature Steve Demetriou, (chair and CEO) and Joe Olivarez (vice-president for global security) of Jacobs, the multinational engineering company with more than 77,000 employees around the world. Demetriou and Olivarez will address the need to think differently about the future to deliver bold solutions for changing times.

Wednesday 11 September is Military and Law Enforcement Appreciation Day at GSX 2019, which is designed to honour the individuals who make our communities and world a safer place. General John Kelly of the US Marine Corps (RET) headlines the general session (from 8.30 am through until 10.00 am). As a ‘Thank You’ for their service, all law enforcement, military and first responders will receive free admission to GSX that day, including access to General Kelly’s Keynote Speech.

The GSX 2019 closing general session on Thursday 12 September 12 (again from 8.30 am until 10.00 am) is open to all GSX registrants, including Expo-Only registrants) and features Tarah Wheeler, cyber security policy Fellow at New America, who’ll discuss ‘Protecting Assets in the Age of Cyber Security Leaks and Scandals: How to Plan When Risk is a Moving Target’. Wheeler is an inaugural contributing cyber security expert for the Washington Post and a foreign policy contributor on cyber warfare. She’s the lead author of the best-selling ‘Women in Tech: Take Your Career to The Next Level with Practical Advice and Inspiring Stories’, as well as an information security researcher and political scientist in the area of international conflict.

On the day, Wheeler will be introduced by Brigadier General Stefanie Horvath, current leader of enterprise service delivery for the state of Minnesota. After her presentation, the Brigadier General and Wheeler will lead a lively Q&A session encompassing their very different vantage points related to cyber security.

*For more information on the GSX 2019 Keynote Speakers and presentations visit https://www.gsx.org/security-education-conference/keynotes

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