Home News Asda to use RFID for clothing inventory

Asda to use RFID for clothing inventory

by Brian Sims

Retailer Asda has selected Tyco Retail Solutions as its partner on a project for item level inventory visibility and accuracy at store level for its George apparel business. Tyco’s TrueVUE Inventory Visibility application will enable Asda to use RFID cycle counting in support of its business. The inventory intelligence solution uses RFID technology to improve inventory accuracy. Asda’s Head of Strategic Availability Projects David Mills says,” Our customers trust us to be ‘always available’ and expect their size option to be in store or online when they want it. With Tthe RFID-based application, we hope to enhance our inventory accuracy and stock availability in-store.” In addition to the TrueVUE Inventory Visibility application, Tyco Retail Solutions will provide Asda with services to manage the project. ” We recognise the challenge retailers face in ensuring accurate inventory to satisfy shopper demand,” said Nancy Chisholm, vice president and general manager, Tyco Retail Solutions.” We are excited to be chosen as the partner for this pilot program and look forward to helping Asda harness the power of RFID to improve store performance, enhance shopper experience, and support an omni-channel strategy.”

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