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Aria Assistance offers travel risk management

by Brian Sims

Aria Assistance has announced a new range of travel risk management services. In conjunction with specialists in the security industry, Aria Assistance will provide a service that advises and supports business travellers, as well as providing international organisations and insurers with a full range of assistance services. With all-hours access to a global infrastructure, the focus is on helping employers fulfil their Duty of Care to remote workers, as well as assisting with employee well-being and benefits. In addition to the advice and response elements of the service is a bespoke Travel Risk Information Portal (TRIP), a comprehensive medical and security gateway designed to help travellers mitigate the risks faced when working or travelling in unfamiliar locations. Additional medical and security consulting services can be added according to client needs, including remote medical services, crisis management planning, and security/medical staffing solutions. Travel Risk Protection Services include integrated medical and security advice, a vaccination arrangement service, pre-travel medical information, access to a Travel Risk Information Portal (including a health and security risk monitor, destination reports and an incident alert service), security training, contingency planning and customised risk reports. There is also a service for secure online medical record and travel information storage. When overseas, the service offers telephone access to medical and security specialists, medical referrals, coverage of medical expenses and monitoring, assistance with visas and legal assistance, and lost credit cards or passports. In the event of an emergency situation, the service delivers medical evacuation, a crisis hotline, security incident management and evacuation, post-incident counselling and arrangement of repatriation of mortal remains.

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