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Anvil Group unveils in-house medical assistance service for globally mobile organisations

by Brian Sims
Matthew Judge: managing director at Anvil Group

Matthew Judge: managing director at Anvil Group

Global travel and operational risk management specialist Anvil Group has launched an in-house medical assistance service. Dubbed ‘Anvil Assist’, this development renders Anvil Group the only solutions provider to offer clinician-delivered medical assistance as part of a fully-integrated, in-house, end-to-end risk management solution.

Based out of Anvil Group’s existing global operations centre in the UK, ‘Anvil Assist’ provides multilingual 24/7 medical and security assistance for clients wherever they may be. With more and more incidents now demanding a co-ordinated medical, security and travel response, Anvil Group’s comprehensive in-house service is designed to cover any event that could impact the health, safety or well-being of corporate travellers or expatriates.

Matthew Judge, Anvil’s Group managing director, informed Risk UK: “Exceptional care is about individuals, not case numbers. That’s why Anvil Group now operates the only fully clinician-delivered medical assistance service, underpinned by an independent network of clinical facilities. For Anvil Group’s clients, this means that their people will always speak directly to a trained medical professional when they need to and have access to the highest quality care wherever they are in the world.”

Judge continued: “Having partnered with medical assistance providers for many years now, we understand how important this service is for clients. In this day and age, those clients are now demanding a far more joined-up approach towards medical and security assistance provision. They’re right to do so. It has taken a significant investment for us to bring our own clinicians on board, but it’s something we’re passionate about doing and we’re extremely proud of the service we can now provide.”

An extension to Anvil Group’s existing global operations hub, the Emergency Response Centre is staffed on a 24/7 basis by a multilingual team of highly qualified and experienced first responders and clinical professionals. They directly manage all medical cases, from pre-deployment screening and clearance through to travel, initial diagnosis and local treatment and on again to repatriation and post-travel care.

Appointments in the team

The highly-skilled team is headed up by Dr Juliane Kause BSc MBBS FRCP AKC. A Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Dr Kause is a specialist in acute and critical care medicine and a founder member of the International Society for Rapid Response Systems. Dr Kause boasts over 20 years’ experience as an aeromedical physician.

“We’re thrilled to have Juliane on board as our chief medical officer,” enthused Judge. “Her critical care and medical management experience will help us to deliver a service that really is second to none.”

Anvil Group’s decision to bring medical assistance in-house is enabling the solutions provider to offer clients a far more connected approach towards medical and security assistance provision. It also allows Anvil Group to ensure that the business is offering its clients the very best possible care, not just during an incident, but also afterwards.

Anvil Group is the only medical assistance provider to offer post-event care, ensuring that individuals who have experienced medical issues abroad or who have been caught up in a major incident are mentally and physically well, able to successfully complete their treatment and then return to work.

Judge concluded: “With over 30 years’ experience, Anvil Group has encountered virtually every assistance scenario imaginable. Now that we’ve made medical assistance part of our core in-house service, clients can receive an even faster joined-up response that returns their people to health and restores ‘business as usual’ as soon as possible.”

*Further information on Anvil Group’s 24/7 medical and security assistance service is available online at https://www.anvilgroup.com/anvil-assist-247-medical-and-security-assistance

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