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AMG introduces AMG9HMEC mini-media converter with PCB option

by Brian Sims
The AMG9HMEC mini-media converter

The AMG9HMEC mini-media converter

AMG, the ISO 9001:2015-approved UK manufacturer and global provider of environmentally robust fibre, analogue, IP/Ethernet, wireless and hybrid communication transmission solutions, has launched the AMG9HMEC mini-media converter for security and transport applications.

Compact and lightweight, the new AMG9HMEC converter is available as a PCB-only or PCB within a robust enclosure, and provides a 100 Mbps or Gigabit Ethernet copper interface, non-PoE or PoE+ and optional ‘Far End Failure’ support.

An uplink across fibre via a dual-speed SFP port offers a hardened and cost-effective way of converting IP signals for transmission over long distances.

Ideal for installation within confined spaces, such as within camera poles, street cabinets and vehicle bodies, the small form factor mini-media converter can operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +75°C, delivering reliability and consistent performance for a wide range of challenging installation environments.

“Designed to deliver the highest performance, the new small form factor mini-media device is ideal for connecting field-based equipment, such as IP video surveillance cameras and industrial controllers to Ethernet networks,” stated Sara Fisher, sales and marketing director at AMG. “Suitable for long distance transmission using single mode and multi-mode, single or dual fibre options up to 120 Kms, connectivity is determined by separate SFP device selection, in turn providing excellent application and site flexibility.”

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