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Allegion brings new generation wireless mortise lock to market for UK end users

by Brian Sims

Allegion UK, the specialist in fire safety and security hardware, has launched a new generation of wireless mortise lock for the UK market. The Schlage LE mortise lock featuring ENGAGE technology has been developed specifically to extend effective electronic access control throughout the interior of a building in addition to exterior doors, thereby providing a single, secure locking device for the whole of a building.

Ideal for multiple commercial settings as well as higher education institutions, senior living homes and medical facilities, the Schlage LE mortise lock with ENGAGE technology is easy to install, connect and manage.

Trevor Ball, Allegion’s business development manager for the UK and Ireland, states that the positive feedback and sales it has received in the USA since its launch in 2017 has helped to accelerate the product’s introduction to the UK. “Sales of the Schlage LE mortise lock with ENGAGE technology have been performing well overseas and we’ve also been experiencing a growing demand in the UK for wireless technology locks, so we were determined to introduce it here as soon as we could.”

Ball continued: “By using the Schlage wireless locks, this affords end users the opportunity to bring electronic access control deeper inside the building, which then opens up the potential for a single lock type to be used to secure the inside as well as the outside. The benefits of this compared to traditional methods which have tended to focus only on the security of the building exterior are enormous.”

On that note, Ball elaborated: “As well as being easy and quick to install, the Schlage is also cost-effective and low maintenance with up to two years’ battery life. We’re sure that the combination of this superior product combined with its ease of maintenance will make it an attractive proposition for facilities managers and specifiers.”

Schlage LE wireless locks combine the lock, credential reader, door-position sensor and request-to-exit switch in a single unit. Crucially, there are no wires to run to the lock and no additional hardware is required. Built-in Bluetooth enables the LE wireless locks to connect directly to smart phones and tablets.

These locks are available in nine finishes, from aged bronze through to satin chrome with antimicrobial coating, as well as a host of lever styles.

For advanced capabilities including networked real-time communication with the ENGAGE Gateway, LE wireless locks are managed with software from one of the company’s physical access control software alliance members.

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