Home Case Studies Addressable fire panel from Kentec protects Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance hq

Addressable fire panel from Kentec protects Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance hq

by Brian Sims

Members of staff and the array of air ambulance helicopters housed at the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance headquarters in Chatham are being protected from the risk of fire outbreak by a fire safety solution that centres around the new Taktis addressable fire panel developed by Kentec.

The main office building at the headquarters is monitored by the Taktis panel in tandem with hard-wired Hochiki detectors, with wireless versions specified to cover the helicopter hangar.

Alvin Lewis, operations manager at CSG Fire and Security (the company that installed the system) states that the customer has been impressed by the new panel. “We’ve worked with Kentec panels exclusively for about 15 years and the latest version is the best one we’ve installed. From our point of view, it’s very easy to install. Our engineers very rarely have any issues with it. From a customer perspective, the new touch screen on the panel has made it even easier to use.”

Kevin Swann, managing director at Kentec, feels the addressable panel is providing a new level of convenience and functionality. “The evolution of the Taktis family brings us into a new era of product excellence, providing the utmost flexibility for system design, ease of installation and genuine multi-protocol ability.”

Initially configured as a fire detection and alarm system, the flexibility of Taktis is such that it can be re-configured to realise many other control and indication applications, with direct integration into intelligent buildings.

Available in four and eight-slot variants, Taktis fire control panels boast up to 16 detection loops. The system is capable of networking up to 128 panels, making it ideal for the largest sites including schools, hospitals, multi-site retail/supermarkets, critical infrastructure and major commercial and industrial facilities.

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