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Abloy launches RIBA-approved CPD course on ‘Digital Transformation in Physical Security’

by Brian Sims

Abloy UK has introduced a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training course approved by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and entitled ‘Digital Transformation in Physical Security’. Specifiers and end users of access control systems who complete the course can attain double CPD points by doing so.

This course provides a fascinating and instructive insight into the disruptive world of digital technology and how it’s impacting conventional physical security with the introduction of mechatronic locks and keys. Delegates will learn how the technology can be deployed to achieve an innovative, integrated and future-proof locking solution.

The course reveals the benefits of this technology including improved levels of security, traceability and the enhanced management of assets. Attendees will also examine how improvements in efficiency can reduce an organisation’s carbon footprint to create a more sustainable future.

Another topic covered is how digital technology may be integrated into an organisation’s operational systems and processes to deliver a safer and more efficient workplace, in turn leading to a rapid return on investment.

Corporate compliance

The course explains how the data from a locking system can interact with Health and Safety and staff competency processes to contribute towards “seamless” corporate compliance. In addition, an explanation is given as to why this technology is more cost-effective and quicker to deploy, while at the same time being more aesthetically pleasing than many conventional access control solutions.

Pip Courcoux

Pip Courcoux

Attendees will work towards a number of learning outcomes, such as how to improve the design and usability of buildings with the inclusion of digital, future-proof mechatronic locking solutions to help achieve smart buildings.

They will also learn how to deliver scaleable and flexible locking solutions which can quickly and easily be adapted as the building or occupants’ needs change. Insights are given on how a mechatronic locking solution reduces cost and improves sustainability. Such solutions have become part of the Internet of Things and Big Data agenda.

Pip Courcoux, sales and product manager for CLIQ Systems at Abloy UK, explained: “Here at Abloy we have a long-standing heritage in manufacturing high quality products and delivering innovative and compliant locking solutions for the most demanding of applications. Our Training Academy has underpinned this by providing training courses to educate and inform on standards, legislation and Best Practice. We’re now focusing on developing technology with this brand new CPD course.”

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