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EU Referendum 23 June 2016: Panel Debate at IFSEC and FIREX International

by Brian Sims

Thursday 23 June 2016 is not only the last day of the IFSEC and FIREX International events, but also potentially a pivotal day for the UK’s future relationship with the European Union. The timing of the EU Referendum couldn’t be more acute for the security and fire industries and, as the leading players in these sectors will be gathered at London’s ExCeL, it’s only appropriate these major shows in the annual calendar gauge the mood and discuss the key impacts of the ‘in or out’ vote.

The security and fire industries are deeply woven into the tapestry of Europe’s construction sectors. Europe is the world’s second largest security market, with a 23% global share worth approximately $6 billion. That’s according to the Memoori report entitled ‘The Physical Security Business: 2014 t0 2018’. Therefore, the effect of the UK’s decision to remain within or leave the EU will reverberate around the industries for years to come. Major areas such as harmonised standards, testing, approvals and collaboration may be fundamentally impacted by the outcomes of the vote and must be addressed in detail.

On EU Referendum Day, IFSEC and FIREX International will host a wide-ranging panel discussion and debate in the IFSEC End User Seminar Theatre at ExCeL in conjunction with leading stakeholder groups such as Euralarm, the Loss Prevention Certification Board, the European Fire Sprinkler Network, the British Security Industry Association, the Fire Industry Association (FIA) and the EAPFP.

The debate promises to be lively and is the perfect way to close this year’s shows with the UK’s membership of the EU actively being decided in real-time.

Attendance will be free of charge to all registered IFSEC and FIREX International visitors. You can register to attend the shows by clicking here.

IFSEC and FIREX International’s event director Gerry Dunphy explained: “In view of the potential outcome the EU Referendum could have on the security and fire industries, both IFSEC and FIREX International welcome the opportunity to provide a platform for stakeholders to assess how the landscape may change should the UK leave the European Union. The shows represent significant opportunities for the security and fire communities to gather in one place to find new products, discover solutions, network and extend their knowledge, so we’re making the most of the timing of this unique occasion to address what is nothing less than a major national event.’’

Martin Harvey, head of regulatory affairs for the EMEA region at Tyco/ADT, chairman of the FIA and Euralarm, added: “We’re very pleased to be able to participate in this debate at our industry’s main trade events. As Euralarm has a direct interest in the promotion of harmonised standards across Europe, the EU Referendum could have a far-reaching influence on the future of the European security and fire sectors. It’s a good opportunity to debate matters as the main protagonists will be in attendance. The debate will be lively and robust as we examine in detail how the UK’s security and fire businesses could potentially be transformed by an EU exit strategy.”

FIREX International 2016 welcomes Nest

FIREX International organiser UBM has announced that Nest Labs, the architect of the thoughtful home, will be exhibiting at the 2016 event which runs from 21-23 June.

Nest Labs’ mission is to create a home that‘s thoughtful – one that takes care of itself and the people inside it – and will be showcasing the very latest in design and technology at the only event that truly connects the fire and security markets under one roof.

Founded in 2011, Nest Labs focuses on “simple, beautiful and delightful” hardware, software and services. The Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Energy Services address home energy consumption. The Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm affords safety for building occupants.

Lionel Paillet, general manager of Europe for Nest, will be speaking within the FIREX Expertise and Guidance Theatre. Paillet is set to talk about how technology is reinventing the “unloved” smoke alarm. From self-testing to mobile alerts through to split-spectrum sensors, Paillet will explain why a beep is no longer enough, and how fire prevention is being “reinvented” for a whole new generation of consumers.

Gerry Dunphy told Risk UK: “We’re really pleased to host both Nest Labs and Lionel Paillet within FIREX International this year. As the home becomes more connected, it’s exciting to see how this is developing into the life safety market. Smart technology and home automation will be taking a far more prominent role at both IFSEC and FIREX International in 2016, with the IFSEC Smart Zone launching and a host of leading exhibitors showcasing the latest products in this sphere.”

*FIREX International runs from 21-23 June and will once again be presented as part of UBM EMEA’s Protection and Management Series (the UK’s largest event dedicated to protecting and managing property, people and information). The Protection and Management Series incorporates IFSEC International, FIREX International, The Facilities Show, Safety & Health Expo and Service Management Expo and attracts more than 40,000 attendees on an annual basis

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