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Security companies adopt electronic guarding solution based on Xtralis’ ADPRO XOa 3.2 software

by Brian Sims

The all-new ADPRO XOa 3.2 software just introduced by Xtralis “vastly improves” the company’s electronic guard (eGuard) capability and enables both “service augmentation and positive transitions” for security officers employed by some of the largest guarding operations within the security business sector.

Further enhancing the popular eGuard solution, Xtralis’ major upgrade to its ADPRO XOa SecurityPLUS Remotely Programmable Operating System serves to deliver “superior detection, verification and remote response” with “high performance and reliability” at a lower total cost of ownership for the end user.

The elements involved for a true eGuard solution include reliable perimeter detection, immediate and assured remote visual verification, effective remote prevention capabilities to ward off threats and tools designed to provide situational awareness for first responders such that they might safely and effectively monitor and respond to rising threats. With ADPRO XOa 3.2 software, Xtralis brings together all of these elements in one tailored package. 

At the heart of the eGuard solution are the XOa 3.2-enabled FastTrace 2E and iFT Series Remotely Managed Multi-Service Gateways (RMG) that have protected both guarded and non-guarded sites for the past decade. XOa 3.2 enhances the feature set of the RMGs and adds additional capabilities for security threat detection and prevention.

XOa 3.2 delivers improved sensitivity control and independent zone parameters for Xtralis’ IntrusionTrace, expands the number of IP cameras supported, increases storage (with support for 6 Tb HDDs) and provides “seamless integration” over IP with ADPRO PRO E-PIRs.

By accessing a simple and free download (see below for more details), existing XOa customers are able to swiftly enhance detection capabilities for their field-deployed RMGs.

Detection, verification and remote response

“The Xtralis eGuard solution leverages the best detection, verification and remote response capabilities to enhance our guarding patrols,” explained Barry Byrne, sales director for the UK and Ireland at G4S Fire & Security Systems.

“Our network of customers rely on 24/7 threat protection that requires state-of-the-art intrusion detection coupled with remote command and control capabilities,” continued Byrne. “At G4S, we’ve deployed the FastTrace 2E and IntrusionTrace at a number of sites to bolster our existing security guarding patrols and enable remote command and control, while at the same time lowering our operating costs. We’re pleased to note that the XOa 3.2 software upgrade for eGuard takes what we feel is one of the best security threat prevention solutions available to a whole new level complete with enhanced detection, functionality and key features.”

While Xtralis’ IntrusionTrace video content analytic is i-LIDS approved, the company has enhanced it with many new features that make this solution far more powerful, exceeding i-LIDS standard specifications in order to deliver improved eGuard capabilities.

With XOa 3.2, IntrusionTrace offers greater control parameters for suppressing the common causes of false alarms. Improved sensitivity controls offer intuitive five-way contrast and five-way object setting for up to 25 sensitivity levels offering precise detection.

The sensitivity controls are said to “virtually eliminate” those issues that can plague other analytics, such as cloud shadows and poorly lit areas. Sixteen zones per camera may be configured by the end user, essentially creating 16 independent intrusion detectors and permitting the different zones to have individual detection criteria, in turn allowing for far greater flexibility with “absolute detection”.

Migration from existing control parameters is automatically mapped to new controls, subsequently allowing for the complete backward compatibility of detection capabilities.

New economic model for guarding

“Xtralis pioneered the concept of the eGuard and has continued to perfect this solution over the years,” stated Ghassan Habelrih, executive vice-president and general manager of the Security and Life Safety Divisions at Xtralis. “With this new software, we’re delivering enhanced capabilities that enable a new economic model to be created for today’s security guarding companies.”

Habelrih continued: “The Top 15 security guarding companies deploy over a million security officers on a global basis, most of them working at medium to large-scale premises. ADPRO solutions with XOa 3.2 enhance guarding service performance for current customers, enabling those guarding companies to offer affordable services across a much larger group of end user clients.”

Integration with ADPRO PRO E-PIRs has improved with updates to the High Level Interface (HLI) that enables iFT Series RMGs to receive and handle all alarms generated by the advanced features of the PRO E-PIR series such as 360PROtect for zero creep zone, anti-vandal, anti-tamper and more besides.

Up to 34 PIRs may be simultaneously connected to a single HLI for quicker installation, testing and operation. A single iFT RMG equipped with PRO E 400 PIRs offers “the highest performance and lowest cost protection” for perimeters up to 7.5 km long.

In addition, a fog detection input on the iFT systems enables the PRO E-PIR Series to operate in poor visibility conditions. When two detectors are paired in an intelligent ‘double-knock’ scenario there are two options available – fog sensitive and high sensitivity mode – to improve detector performance. When combined with an iFT Series RMG running IntrusionTrace, the PRO E-PIRs are said to afford “the best double-knock intrusion detection available”.

XOa 3.2 expands the storage capacity for the iFT Series RMGs, allowing for increased video storage days depending on the number of cameras, frame rates and degree of scene movement.

ADPRO iFT RMGs now support up to three 6 Tb HDDs (total capacity 18 Tb), while iFT-E and FastTrace2E RMGs offer space for four 6 Tb HDDs (with a total capacity 24 Tb).

Number of IP cameras expanded 

Xtralis has also expanded the number of IP cameras supported by the XOa 3.2 software, with the list including all of the top-selling models on the market developed by Axis Communications, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony, etc.

iTrace – a remote video verification mobile application that enables an end user to connect to a site and display live camera views of an ADPRO RMG – has also been enhanced to allow better remote video verification and remote response capabilities.

*ADPRO XOa 3.2 is available immediately from: License.XtralisSecurity.com

**To learn more about the ADPRO XOa 3.2-enabled eGuard solution visit: www.xtralis.com/eGuard

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