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38th International East-West Security Conference features “intensive” two days of presentations

by Brian Sims

The 38th International East-West Security Conference organised by Capricorn Conferences and Exhibitions was held on 5-6 November at the Hotel West End on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice. Delegates representing private and public sector organisations from the Russian Federation and the Ukraine participated in an intensive two days of presentations by speakers drawn from the UK, the USA, Italy and Russia, all supported by simultaneous translation in English and Russian.

Conference chairman Patrick Somerville QPM welcomed the delegates and, under the conference theme of ‘Protecting Yourself and Your Business’ (duly reflecting the recent collapse of several retail and other sector businesses), introduced a programme that included the development of corporate governance and regulation in the UK with emphasis on the ‘Comply or Explain’ approach to compliance with Codes of Conduct and management.

The issues of integrated security management and fraud prevention practices were highlighted by actual case histories from various jurisdictions together with an understanding of the ‘audit expectation gap’ that exists between stakeholders and auditors as evidenced by failures to discover fraud at all levels during formal audits.

The need for business continuity and planning based on the international ISO 22301 framework was discussed against the background of global threats to business from cyber crime and related activities. New cyber countermeasures including the growing use of Artificial Intelligence, video analytics and biometrics as tools in the fight to protect Critical National Infrastructure, businesses and public services outlined how Governments and industries are raising the levels of protection required against increasingly sophisticated and penetrating threats.

Due diligence: protecting corporate assets

Various speakers addressed the importance of protecting corporate assets with an emphasis on due diligence procedures designed to prevent insider crimes and fraud. Case Studies of elaborate schemes and compliance failures in both the commercial and banking sectors resulting in massive losses and illegal gains served as a demonstration of the considerable efforts needed to investigate and successfully prosecute those responsible.

Insights into the operation of Russian commercial activities – including measures to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing in a business engaged in the leasing of plant and stock for the operation of railways and other enterprises – contributed to the range and diversity of the topics discussed.

Current concerns about identify theft, data security and protection from cyber attacks featured prominently in the programme. Delegates were again urged to ensure that awareness of new developments and systems and the protective measures needed were not only understood at Board level in all organisations, but also recognised and endorsed as Board-level responsibilities for effective implementation and oversight where required.

Shared knowledge and understanding

At the conference’s closing banquet, several delegates expressed their appreciation of the opportunity to meet with colleagues from other countries, share professional experiences through presentations and discussions and gain knowledge and understanding of best business practices in those countries represented.

The International East-West Security Conferences are promoted twice yearly by Capricorn Exhibitions and Conferences in co-operation with several other supporting bodies and held in various European cities to promote understanding and the exchange of ideas and information between those engaged in managing security in public and private sector organisations in the UK, Member States of the European Union, the Russian Federation and other countries in Eastern Europe.

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