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360 Vision Technology releases wireless video TX Range for security managers

by Brian Sims

UK CCTV manufacture 360 Vision Technology has launched the TX Range for wireless video transmission, designed to provide a reliable solution even within difficult transmission environments. Available for the company’s Predator, Invictus and lightweight VR Dome PTZ cameras, the TX option offers end users “ultimate performance” in wireless video transmission with no need for fixed infrastructure, thereby saving money on installation time and ongoing cost of ownership.

Particularly suited to rapid, temporary or permanent deployment applications, 360 Vision Technology’s TX technology delivers video and PTZ control from just 6 Kbps and Full 1080p HD edge recording/remote retrieval on demand.

With TX Range cameras, live video is captured and encoded and can be transmitted over any network, including mobile GPRS, 3G/4G, Wireless 802.n, microwave links, satellite and broadband with minimal latency.

“Unlike standard or off-the-shelf wireless video transmission systems, the new TX Range has been specifically designed to suit low bandwidth or unreliable network conditions, such as satellite or cellular networks,” explained Adrian Kirk, strategic account director at 360 Vision Technology. “Always On and ‘Rugged at the Roadside’ IK10 certified, TX Range cameras include built-in cyber security, local point-to-point Wi-Fi access and easy Plug and Play set-up. They require no fixed infrastructure and can be easily integrated within existing VMS control systems.”

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