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2014 UPS technical guide launched

by Brian Sims

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), a Kohler company, has launched the fourth edition of ‘The UPS Handbook.’ The handbook is an independent guide to modern UPS and critical power protection solutions. The latest edition, which has been updated for 2014, details current and future UPS technology and topology and sets the scene for the power protection industry over the next five years. ” Since the third edition of The UPS Handbook was produced in 2007, a great deal has changed in the UPS industry, and in society at large,” says Kenny Green, co-editor of The UPS Handbook.” The growth of big data, the increasing requirement for businesses to closely manage their energy efficiency and consumers’ demand for 24/7 availability of services are all impacting the need for power protection solutions. Understanding the role the UPS plays in helping to achieve these corporate goals is essential and the new handbook offers answers to the vast majority of the most important questions.” The handbook outlines optimum configurations for implementing the most reliable systems, using the latest space and energy saving technology. The UPS Handbook is available directly from the UPSL website (RRP

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