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Workshops announced for Security Industry Authority’s 2017 Stakeholder Conference

by Brian Sims

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) has now unveiled details of the Workshops to be run at its 2017 Stakeholder Conference, which takes place on Tuesday 14 March at the Hallam Conference Centre in central London.

The upcoming Stakeholder Conference will consist of three discussion Workshops which will consider several key questions around three central subjects: Taking Responsibility for Standards, Influencing Buyer Behaviour and Developing Regulation in Partnership.

Taking Responsibility for Standards

*Who is responsible for ensuring standards of service delivery in the private security industry?

*How can employees and businesses do more to drive up standards in the industry?

*In which areas of operation does the industry most need to improve its standards?

Influencing Buyer Behaviour

*What’s the role of the Regulator/businesses/trade bodies in informing/influencing buyers?

*Which communication methods and channels work best to influence buyers?

*What are the common messages that the Regulator/businesses/trade bodies should be communicating?

Developing Regulation in Partnership

*What should regulation of the private security industry be trying to achieve?

*What are the practical things that the SIA can do to ease the regulatory burden on the private security industry?

*How is the private security industry changing?

*How should regulation evolve in responding to these changes?

The SIA has also announced that the Home Office’s director for safeguarding, Jeremy Oppenheim, will be speaking at the SIA Stakeholder Conference.

As well as the work of the Public Protection Unit, which includes oversight of the SIA, Oppenheim is responsible for overseeing the Government’s response to child sexual abuse, modern slavery, public protection and counter-extremism.

Oppenheim has been with the Home Office since 2003. From 2013 to 2015, he was director for growth and engagement, working with business and academic communities in both the UK and abroad to promote growth and improve external engagement.

Feedback taken on board

Peter Selwyn-Smith, the SIA’s stakeholder manager who has been organising the conference, explained: “We’re taking a fresh approach to this conference, adopting some of the suggestions we received following last year’s event. That’s why we’ve increased the opportunities for delegates to make their views known by running Workshops. We’ve also made sure that there’s extra time for delegates to network with one another. This is a chance for the SIA and the industry to come together, both formally and informally, and discuss how we can do things better together.”

*The cost of attending this year’s SIA Stakeholder Conference is £50 per delegate including VAT (reduced from £95 last year). This price includes lunch and all refreshments provided on the day

**Registration commences at 9.15 am, with the event running from 10.00 am through until 4.15 pm

***Visit the SIA’s website for further information and to book your place

****Note that the closing date for bookings is Thursday 9 March

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