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West Midlands Police investigate misleading Tweets

by Brian Sims

West Midlands Police spotted an alleged misuse of one of the forces social media accounts using CrowdControlHQ, the social media risk management platform, to monitor and manage its social media engagement. A West Midlands police inspector who works as a mental health liaison officer is currently being investigated for alleged misuse of his Twitter account. The Twitter account was suspended on Friday as the officer’s communications were being investigated. ” Organisations need to able to speak as one voice and if many people are representing the organisation on social media, each tweet or post should be regarded as a press release,” said James Leavesley, CEO, CrowdControlHQ,” West Midlands are very aware of the risks involved and should be commended for the implementing mitigation strategies and policies to avert possible reputation or security risks, while continuing to fully engage with the public.” CrowdControlHQ is currently used by 25% of the UK polices forces to manage, monitor and protect social media accounts, which has given the company deep insight into challenges faced by police communications teams. Organisations’ official public accounts are managed within the platform and monitoring for key words across social media has become an important part of criminal investigations. Many forces also report instances where they have been able to intervene in potential suicides, with positive outcomes, and find vulnerable missing persons by using the platform.

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