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Wavestore’s EcoStore hard drive spin-down technology delivers on sustainability

by Brian Sims

Wavestore, the British developer of open platform Video Management Software (VMS), has introduced EcoStore, an energy saving technology developed to significantly increase the sustainability of a video surveillance solution.

With businesses looking at ways in which to reduce their energy and operating costs, as well as wishing to implement environmentally friendly policies, EcoStore offers the potential for them to save over 80% of the overall energy normally required for a hard drive storage solution. It does so by facilitating the spin-down of hard drives – or groups of hard drives – which are not in a read/write state.

While EcoStore is writing camera data to the first drive or group, the other drives or groups are spun down. As that drive or group becomes full, the next are spun up and take over the recording while the first spins down again.

As well as hard drive energy, associated cost savings are also achievable, such as via reductions in air conditioning requirements and by limiting the wear and tear on disks that are always being powered on and spinning.

“Video surveillance systems with a high number of cameras invariably require large video data storage servers which can be costly to run,” explained Julian Inman, head of product management for Wavestore. “We believe that EcoStore can lay claim to being the most energy efficient, long-term storage solution available on the professional security market. EcoStore doesn’t require any special hardware. It’s compatible across our standard E, PT, V, X-Series and PetaBlok ranges. System integrators will also be pleased to learn that they’ll not require any specialist knowledge or skill sets to implement EcoStore. It’s both quick and easy to set-up.” 

Energy savings

Energy savings start with just a small numbers of drives, but the more drives within a server, the larger the energy saving can be. At the top end of the scale, a PetaBlok-based storage solution at its maximum capacity of 204 drives (2.04 PB) per server, and configured as 17 RAID groups each consisting of 12 drives, requires just 288 W to spin the active drives – an energy saving of over 82%. These savings have greater significance when taking into account the fact that up to 255 servers can be joined together in a group, providing scale for even the largest applications.

EcoStore also supports Wavestore’s proprietary HyperRAID technology, which is specifically designed to protect data stored across multiple drives in an array at up to N+5 redundancy. This allows multiple HyperRAID arrays within the same unit to be spun-down when not in a read/write state.

“Wavestore has the fastest video recall of any VMS on the market and that’s something we wanted to retain with EcoStore,” urged Inman, “Thanks to our proprietary file system, operators can quickly retrieve video that’s stored on a spun-down drive, as the index of the location of that video is always available on a spun-up drive. This provides a seamless operator experience when reviewing footage via the WaveView and WaveView Mobile client software, even on the largest systems with many Petabytes of stored data.”

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