Home Case Studies Water security guaranteed at Veolia Group thanks to LOCKEN’s electronic keys

Water security guaranteed at Veolia Group thanks to LOCKEN’s electronic keys

by Brian Sims

Veolia is a traditional water tower operator and a specialist in environmental services. In 2016, the Veolia Group supplied 100 million people with drinking water and 61 million people worldwide with wastewater services.

Security is always a concern in this highly sensitive sector. Drinking water sites are classified as sites of critical importance and their security must be safeguarded in all circumstances, placed under the control of local administration and, where appropriate, military authorities.

The primary requirement is to prevent any risk of malicious intrusion. However, Veolia Group has its work cut out, since its sites encompass everything from large conurbations to small villages. Collection systems must be as close as possible to springs and rivers and, to complicate matters still further, water towers sometimes host the equipment of telephony or energy operators who often need access in order to perform maintenance operations.

In late 2016, Veolia Group chose LOCKEN as its preferred access control service supplier. This afforded all of the Group’s public service concessions access to LOCKEN’s electronic key solution, with the transmission of access rights in real-time.

Keys are connected by Bluetooth to smart phones, which communicate with the centralised access management system through the MyLocken App. The system combines flexibility and security, enabling Veolia Group to provide access rights to personnel upon their arrival at the site and, if necessary, for a single entry.

The cable-free installation requires no additional operation other than the replacement of cylinders. The electronic keys can also open the numerous padlocks used on the storage tanks, as well as the key deposits intended for the partner operators positioned at the site entrances.

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