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Vista organises successful Voice of Customer gathering in central Manchester

by Brian Sims

On Thursday 27 October at Gaucho, Vista launched its Voice of Customer (VoC) initiative in Manchester. The aim of the event was to provide an opportunity for Vista representatives to sit and listen to the challenges that customers are facing in their business environments, as well as answer any questions or queries they may have specifically for Vista.

In line with the earlier London event, the aim was to reflect Vista’s core values of ‘listening and understanding’. Valuable business challenges were highlighted by guests on the day who offered open and honest feedback to a number of open-ended questions. Vista will now absorb this feedback and work alongside its customers to offer the best solutions possible.

The event was far from being a sales pitch and focused much more on Vista gaining a better understanding of the services, products and experience that its customers have come to expect.

In 2017, Vista will continue the VoC initiative by inviting the same customers to attend similar events throughout the year, not only to share feedback, but also to enable Vista to share the changes that have been made as a result of VoC.

Commitment from attendees is important to the success of this initiative and in assisting Vista to help its customers on their individual security journeys.

VoC has also been set up as an online platform enabling customers to contact a member of the team quickly, allowing Vista to provide answers to queries and take valuable feedback on board in order to improve services, products and the customer experience.

Gary Rowden, divisional director for product management and business development at Vista, explained to Risk UK: “Our customers’ opinions are very important to us. The better we understand their business challenges and specific needs, the more effectively we can find the right solutions and make their engagement with the brand even more valuable. We appreciate everyone’s very honest feedback from both the London and Manchester events. The VoC initiative has started brilliantly, and there’s certainly much for us to work with.”

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