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Video applications specialist barox actively promotes high-security for networks

by Brian Sims

barox (the manufacturer of professional standard switches, media converters and IP extenders specifically designed for video applications) is promoting sophisticated personalised encryption techniques to provide important safeguards for protecting sensitive data networks.

When video technicians log on to video switch servers with their PC or laptop, it’s possible for cyber criminals to quickly catch the password. In many cases, the communication between server and browser is insufficiently encrypted. In order to lock this gateway, barox has come up with a solution: double encryption that transforms video into a high-security barrier.

The first security measure employed by barox is the introduction of Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), an established high-end transport encryption that’s also used to protect online banking registration. barox uses HTTPS to encrypt the password on the way from the user’s browser to the server of the switch.

However, barox doesn’t rely on this barrier alone. To provide protection against phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks, an additional level of security is required. Using personalised encryption, barox adds a security feature for video browsers that offers double security.

The video network manager creates individual certificates for employees: a kind of security key in the form of a Privacy Enhanced Mail (.PEM) file which is stored on employees’ computers.

When logging into the Graphical User Interface of the Video Switch server, employees simply enter their password. The system then automatically matches the .PEM file with a copy stored on the server. If both keys are identical, access to the switch is released, whereas remote access via the Internet is excluded.

Only through the combination of a password protected by HTTPS and the personalised authentication key can employees access the video network. barox states that this combination is “easy to handle” in the day-to-day business environment.

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