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UBM announces Converged Security Centre’s return to IFSEC International in 2019

by Brian Sims

Developed in partnership with global enterprise security software leader Vidsys and proving hugely popular this year, the Converged Security Centre is set to return to IFSEC International next June. The expert-led exhibition zone affords visitors the unique opportunity to learn from world-leading experts, discuss their critical physical and IT security challenges in an open forum and experience the latest Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM)-based platform solutions.

At the Converged Security Centre, IFSEC International attendees will be immersed in the world of converged security through a hands-on, in-depth education programme that includes panel discussions and presentations focused on the latest trends and capabilities of a range of CSIM use cases and vertical market solutions.

While businesses and Government organisations have greatly benefited from increased ubiquitous connectivity, more complex networked systems have opened the back door to mission-critical security threats. In light of the growing integration between security systems, new technologies and digital networks, converged security has become paramount to the success of risk and security programmes for organisations worldwide.

This is what makes the Converged Security Centre an essential element of IFSEC International. Visitors are not only introduced to some of the leading converged security solutions, but can also watch live simulations to demonstrate their efficacy across a range of real-world applications. They’re given the opportunity to ask experts and practitioners for their insights and advice to learn more about how these solutions can meet their growing security needs.

Opportunities to learn

Rachel Eaton, IFSEC International’s event manager, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Vidsys once again at IFSEC International as our major catalyst behind the Converged Security Centre. This new discussion forum was a huge success in 2018, highlighting IFSEC’s credentials as a thought leader and ensuring the event remained at the heart of the conversation around converged security.”

Eaton added: “It’s important for security professionals to understand the significance of increasingly interconnected systems and the capabilities of CSIM as a solution. In providing a platform orchestrated by converged security experts, we can help visitors learn about the key issues within the sector and find security solutions they can trust.”

James Willison

James Willison

James Chong, CEO at Vidsys, stated: “We’re thrilled to be part of the Converged Security Centre’s return to IFSEC International and to be working with our global partners and experts to showcase and share what a truly converged security solution can provide for organisations worldwide. Today, there’s a rapidly growing requirement for a converged security solution that monitors both physical and cyber security events under one unified software platform, especially due to the ever-increasing amount of data created in the world of the Internet of Things and Smart Cities.”

James Willison, founder of Unified Security, observed: “Sarb Sembhi, CISO at Virtually Informed, and I are delighted to be working with all the partners in bringing together physical and cyber security leaders and converged security technologies to show visitors at IFSEC International how security risks can be managed in one unified security operations centre in real-time.”

*IFSEC International 2019 takes place between 18-20 June 2019 at ExCeL, London

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