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Tavcom Training responds to “airport chaos” with Drone Detection course dates

by Brian Sims

Tavcom Training, part of the Linx International Group, has responded to requests from the security industry for expert training in order that organisations can be better prepared to mitigate the threat posed by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (ie drones). The company will run its two-day Drone Detection classroom-based course throughout 2019 and into early 2020.

In late December, the UK was alerted to the impact of a potential drone attack when suspected sightings resulted in 1,000 flights from Gatwick Airport being cancelled. Then, just weeks later, Heathrow Airport also suffered a minor drone-related disruption. The financial and logistical impact on the airports, airlines and travellers (approximately 140,000 of them in the case of the Gatwick Airport incident) was immense, with current reports putting the cost to the aviation industry at between £50 million and £70 million.

“The responses to the airport drone attacks were played out in the media, with much public debate regarding the seeming lack of a pre-defined plan of action to prevent or contain such an incident.” explained Sarah Hayward-Turton, sales and marketing director at the Linx International Group. “Last year, we introduced our Drone Detection course and this year we will run it three times to give security professionals expert advice from experts in drone technology that will help mitigate risk and implement countermeasures to thwart unauthorised drone activity.”

The Drone Detection course covers the following key topics: understanding drone technology, the Civil Aviation Authority’s regulations, battery limits, drone threats, drone detection and countermeasures, understanding radio frequency, drone mitigation, the tools available for jamming, radar ballistics and capture and practical demonstrations of drone security.

The course will run place on the following dates: 13-14 March, 8-9 May, 5-6 November and 11-12 February 2020.

The classroom-based course costs £375+VAT and results in a Tavcom Certificate.

*For more information and to register for the course visit: https://www.tavcom.com/training-courses/cctv/drone-detection/

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