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Sword GRC acquires Magique Galileo in move designed to deliver “industry-leading” GRC solutions

by Brian Sims

Sword GRC, the supplier of specialist risk management software and services, has acquired Magique Galileo. The move will enable Sword GRC to offer an expanded and “industry-leading” range of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software and services.  

Nick Scully, CEO of Sword GRC, explained to Risk Xtra: “This acquisition is about enabling us to extend our GRC solution offer, move into new markets, provide greater value for our customers and, indeed, create more opportunities for our employees.”

The new Sword GRC offer will combine solutions from Sword Active Risk, Sword Achiever and Magique Galileo. As well as cross-selling opportunities to both existing and new customers for all brands within the Sword GRC Group, the acquisition of Magique Galileo, with its strength in sectors such as financial services and its market-leading Audit solution, provides presence and paves the way for expansion into new markets.

Nick Scully

Nick Scully

Employees of the combined Sword GRC Group will benefit from being part of a company with a more competitive and stable financial foundation and enjoy opportunities to learn about new products and gain market knowledge. The expected cross-fertilisation of new ideas and ways of working, together with the sharing of development resources across the three brands, will accelerate product enhancement, in turn delivering value across the wider customer base.

Scully continued: “We’re all very excited about the opportunities that the acquisition of Magique Galileo brings to the wider Sword GRC Group going forward. The many new opportunities that will be opening up for staff across the three brands is already fuelling an excitement and momentum of its own. As we look forward to 2019 and beyond, we’ve completed a major re-engineering of our core products to leverage the latest mobile and collaborative technology. We’ve also developed new products including Sword Policy Manager. This acquisition moves us significantly towards our corporate goal of providing the market-leading GRC solutions for all vertical sectors.”

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