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Stay safe this summer

by Brian Sims

As the summertime approaches and our windows open to the refreshing evening air, we need to be watchful of our security. Gary Trotter, general manager at CCTV solutions provider Hadrian Technology says:” With the onset of warmer weather and lighter nights, there is usually a rise in offences where intruders sneak through open windows and doors which present an open invitation to thieves. It can only take a second for a thief to come through an open window or door, and it’s all the more attractive to them if valuable items that are easy to take are on show such as a laptop, jewellery or keys left on a bench or window sill.” If the plan is to go away for our well-deserved holiday break, then more precautions should be taken. In particular people are urged to think outside the box and be vigilant about the information and photos that they make available online. Research has revealed that four in ten Britons log on to Facebook and Twitter at least once a day whilst abroad, and that three in ten people say they would deliberately write a boastful holiday status to make people at home envious, Gary is also advising property owners to be particularly careful what they post on social media sites when travelling abroad. ” People often forget that just about anyone can view images, status updates and tweets online. I always worry when I see people publicising that they’re going on holiday. Is it really wise to announce when you’re leaving your house unoccupied to users of a global network?” he asks.

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