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Spam traffic reported at over 70 per cent

by Brian Sims

Kaspersky Lab has reported that the percentage of spam in email traffic in June 2013 was up 1.4 per cent and averaged at 71.1 per cent. Malicious attachments were found in 1.8 per cent of all emails, a drop of 1 per cent compared to the previous month. Last month, spammers actively used the name of Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder. The heading of the unsolicited email invited the recipient to get to know the secret of the famous businessman’s success, but the body of message contained an advert for free training sessions. Its organisers promised to teach everybody how to make a profitable business out of a hobby. In addition to the offers of training courses, a number of spam messages offered huge discounts on Apple devices. To make the mailing look more legitimate, the spammers entered the name of the company in the ‘From’ field, though the email address has nothing to do with Apple. Yet another theme exploited admission to US universities, as well as offers of online education at the user’s convenience. These emails often included links to pages with application forms for courses. The addresses of the web pages vary from email to email and are often created on the day the mailing is sent. A significant part of the world’s spam came from China (24 per cent) and the US (17 per cent). South Korea was third with 14 per cent of all distributed spam, and remains the leading source of spam sent to European users (53.3 per cent.

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