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Skills for Security earns ‘trusted training provider’ status from Government with acceptance on RoATP

by Brian Sims

Skills for Security, the sector skills body for the private security business sector, has been accepted by the Skills Funding Agency’s Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP), meaning that the organisation has now qualified for Government funding to deliver apprenticeships from May this year.

Passing all elements of the application, including due diligence checks on compliance, quality and financial health, Skills for Security has fully satisfied the Skills Funding Agency that the organisation is capable of delivering high-quality apprenticeship training.

Under the Government’s new apprenticeship policy, training providers must be on the RoATP to be eligible to deliver training – either directly or as a subcontractor – to large, Apprenticeship Levy-paying employers. Out of no less than 2,327 applications, a total of 1,708 providers (73%) have made the grade, with the full list of providers published by the Department for Education on Tuesday 14 March.

Speaking about this development, Peter Sherry (interim director general at Skills for Security) stated: “I’m absolutely delighted that Skills for Security has been accepted on to the RoATP, giving employers in the security sector the confidence that we, as the sector skills body for the industry, can provide them with trusted support and expertise in equipping the workforce of tomorrow with a solid educational foundation through a carefully considered system of training, assessment and qualifications.”

Peter Sherry

Peter Sherry

The Government’s apprenticeship reforms aim to support an increase in the quality and quantity of apprenticeships, subsequently enabling a greater number of individuals to pursue a successful career. There will be regular opportunities for new providers to apply to the RoATP, with the chance for new applications at the end of March and quarterly thereafter encouraging both diversity and competition among providers and supporting both quality and employer choice.

The RoATP is a crucial milestone in delivering the Government’s wider reforms designed to make apprenticeships more rigorous, better structured, independently assessed and more clearly aligned with the needs of employers.

Those reforms include the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy from 6 April, which will require employers with a wage bill of over £3 million per annum to pay 0.5% of that bill towards investment in apprenticeships.

Commenting on the introduction of the RoATP, apprenticeships and skills minister Robert Halfon said: “We’re giving employers the confidence to do business with high-quality training providers, and making sure that individuals can benefit from ‘Gold Standard’ routes as they climb the ladder of opportunity. Affording employers control over their apprenticeship needs and funding is an essential feature of our plan to create an apprenticeships and skills nation. Our new Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers will mean that only those organisations who’ve passed our quality assurance can deliver apprenticeships.”

*The Government’s apprenticeship policy, entitled ‘Supporting Quality and Employer Choice: A New Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers’, can be downloaded from the following link: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/562465/Provider_register_policy_doc.pdf

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