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Sitex Orbis changes its name

by Brian Sims

Vacant property company SitexOrbis is changing its name to Orbis.” We are no longer a business focused on just sitex screens,” said Director Richard Sanders.” Instead we offer a more rounded approach to securing and managing vacant properties. Property protection now requires alarms, integrated monitoring, rapid response as well as a physical barrier to entry in order to address real client issues” we find out what is needed and deliver exactly that. Orbis stands for much more than just sitexing a property.” The Orbis name, which was chosen by the company’s employees, maintains a link with the organisation’s 30-year heritage, built through relationships with social landlords, property managers and professional service organisations. Orbis appointed a new CEO in May 2014 who sees the name change as an exciting development.” It is important that as we develop our core business and explore new and adjacent markets that we retain the values and the culture that has served us so well over the last 30 years. Orbis therefore is a name familiar to colleagues and customers alike but at the same time heralds a new era in the evolution of the business” said Guy Other. The decision to change the organisation’s name follows the attempt by VPS Holdings to monopolise the UK market by acquiring SitexOrbis in October 2011. The new owners worked with the Competition Commission to ensure SitexOrbis remained independent, but VPS did not sell the rights to the word Sitex.

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