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Security improved following theft

by Brian Sims

Green Gate Access Systems has created ‘peace of mind’ for customers and employees at Rates Ford, Essex, following the theft of a clients’ car from the speed fit bay during a service. The installation consisting of five additional bollards, one barrier and swipe card entry system across the entire site” was in direct response to the loss of the vehicle. Having put the finishing touches to a full security installation on-site, the new safety measures will eliminate a reoccurrence of theft in the future. A total of fifteen high visibility, crash resistant Easy700 bollards in four strategic locations, provide full perimeter security for the garage and ensure that no vehicle can be driven from the showroom, forecourts or workshop areas whilst the bollards are enabled. Operated by secure swipe cards or wall mounted code panels, the bollards provide peace of mind to the garage owner as well as improving insurance premiums and security guard costs. ” High impact resistant rising bollards are becoming an increasingly popular choice over more conventional swing gates and barriers that often take out a large area of ground that cannot be used, or block off valuable parking spaces.” explains Managing Director of the Green Gate brand, Neil Sampson.” With a rise and fall time of around six seconds, bollards provide a quick and secure solution.”

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