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Securitas establishes specialist technology team to drive integrated security solutions

by Brian Sims
The newly-formed Securitas CTO Team

The newly-formed Securitas CTO Team

Securitas Security Services UK has announced the creation of a new specialist team which will play a vital role in driving forward the business’ strategy to integrate traditional security guarding solutions with evolving technologies.

The new technology team, which is running under the guise of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), brings with it a specialist technical knowledge that didn’t previously exist within the business. Further, Securitas’ own CTO Arthur Agnew has stated that no other security company has made this kind of investment or has this extent of expert knowledge in-house.

“There are some big changes happening in the security sector,” explained Agnew. “Skilled labour is becoming more expensive and sought after while technology is developing at a fast pace and also becoming more affordable. In addition, a new generation of high-capacity telecoms networks means the transmission of images and video is becoming more viable and secure. The opportunity is here to use technology more intelligently. When coupled with specialist remote services, savings are there to be made.”

Agnew continued: “Advances in video analytics and intelligent cameras are enabling us to determine suspicious or dangerous behaviour at an early stage, in turn minimising the risk of business interruption. This means we’re better equipped to detect potential crime before it happens and do so on a more cost-effective basis than ever before.”

Securitas has viewed these developments as an opportunity to make investments in technology, monitoring and response capacity. Since 2011, the business has been working intensely to improve its internal technology competence and know-how on the worldwide stage.

There’s now a dedicated technology organisation in place across all of its business segments, including CTOs in all major countries, a central support service and approximately 2,100 employees who are focusing their attentions on technology and remote services.

“To deliver and manage our strategy,” outlined Agnew, “we have introduced an expert technology team which is at the forefront of driving the company along its ‘Solutions Journey’.”

Structure of the new CTO Team at Securitas

The team is spread throughout the UK. Regional technology directors cover the existing eight pre-defined areas.  They have the support of local technology managers, backed up by highly-experienced management and support staff. Projects are delivered through a strictly managed Partner Programme with a single point of contact put in place to manage all customer queries and expectations.

In addition, Securitas has invested £15 million in a new Security Operating Centre in Milton Keynes which is due to launch in September this year. The central technology team will be based there, maintaining the IT platforms and providing extensive support for the remote service and dispatch functions.

“Our strategy is to integrate static and mobile guarding services together with technology solutions to achieve cost-efficiency, added value and stronger customer relationships,” asserted Agnew. “A fundamental part of our strategy is to make the investment in the customer through a CAPEX platform. We recognise businesses are under pressure to save money year-on-year, so what better way to achieve this than to have a trusted partner take the investment for you?”

During the past 12 months, Securitas has seen solutions conversions grow from 4-10%, with some top name customers across the commodities, facilities and media sectors signing on the dotted line.

“Our customers are increasingly looking for something that’s more than just mainstream security guarding,” concluded Agnew. “With our new technology team in place, we’re perfectly aligned to put together a technology-based system which, together with our dedicated security guarding, mobile, key holding and monitoring services, will provide a service that offers our customers greater flexibility and a more proactive security solution overall.”

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