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Second Edition of The Handbook of Security published by Palgrave Macmillan

by Brian Sims

Extensively updated, expanded and reorganised, the Second Edition of The Handbook of Security” which is edited by Professor Martin Gill FSyI (pictured), the director of PRCI” provides” the most comprehensive analysis of scholarly security debates and issues” to date. Informed by a range of disciplines” among them environmental science, criminology, politics and economics” the book brings together contributions from some of the world’s leading scholars to explore the most important issues impacting our understanding of how ‘security’ is provided. Consisting of 44 chapters, the Second Edition includes over 25 brand new contributions from international experts in areas as diverse as food security, cyber security, workplace crime, terrorism, organised crime, counterfeiting, intelligence, CCTV, piracy and private military companies in addition to an entirely new section on approaches to researching security through ethnography, systematic reviews and meta-analysis. The book is divided into seven parts” namely disciplines and security, offences, crime and security in sectors, researching security, security products and services, security and its management and critiquing security. In later sections, this substantive reference work analyses security products and services such as security guarding, alarms and CCTV as well as the management of security. Here, chapters focus on crisis management, partnerships and regulation. The book also applies discussions of crime and security to a variety of sectors including retail, finance and tourism. The final section critiques security using various approaches including critical security studies, the ‘professionalisation’ of security and ethics. Put simply, The Handbook of Security is essential reading for all those engaged with the security world. Supporting testimonials for The Handbook of Security ” Martin Gill has fully updated and expanded his hugely successful Handbook of Security. This new edition brings together first-rate scholars to cover the history and nature of security, the nature of different offences and security practices in different sectors, as well as the issues of management and regulation. A must-have for anyone working in this field” (Tim Newburn, London School of Economics, UK) ” Martin Gill has done more to advance the science and practice of security than anybody else around. Gill has used his considerable professional networks and knowledge of the field to assemble generalists and specialists to produce the most thorough array of chapters on security that I have seen so far” (Marcus Felson, Texas State University, USA) ” In introducing this new edition of his highly successful Handbook, Martin Gill writes that ‘studying security is an exciting place to be’. The book’s contents amply bear out his view” (Ronald V Clarke, School of Criminal Justice, Rutgers University, USA) ” A robust collection of new research on a broad variety of contemporary security topics. I recommend it highly to researchers, academicians and security professionals” (Richard C Hollinger, University of Florida, USA) ” Security as an idea, a concern and a pursuit has dramatically reshaped” and is reshaping” social life everywhere. As it does so, it’s transforming governance, Government and scholarship across a wide range of disciplines. This Second Edition of The Handbook of Security is both welcome and timely” (Clifford Shearing, University of Cape Town, South Africa and Griffith University, Australia) Ordering your copy of The Handbook of Security The book (ISBN: 9781137323279) is available in both hardback and eBook formats. For more information on The Handbook of Security’s contents, and to order your copy, visit the Palgrave Macmillan website here. You can also e-mail orders direct to: orders@palgrave.com

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