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Probe Investigations gets a BS gold star

by Brian Sims

SSAIB has recently completed an assessment of Probe Investigations (UK) in a pilot scheme that tested the company against the newly published British Standard 102000 for Investigative Services. This code of practice provides recommendations for the conduct, management, staffing and operational accountability for the provision of investigative services, and can be used by investigative services buyers/customers. The Liverpool based professional investigation firm achieved the requirements of the draft standard, prior to its publication, and is the first such company that SSAIB has assessed against BS 102000:2013. On the 31st July this year, the UK Government announced its intentions to regulate private investigation activities, starting some time in 2014 SSAIB Assessor Brian Nuttall presented Probe Investigations’ MD Peter Farrington with a Certificate of Registration at a seminar hosted by the Association of British Investigators. Commenting on the achievement, Farrington said,” SSAIB is a specialist certification body and this successful assessment will only enhance Probe’s commitment to full compliance and commitment in the competitive investigation sector.” The new British Standard has been developed to help providers of investigative services demonstrate their accountability at a time when the Government is implementing the licensing of such services.

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