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Portal service for lone workers

by Brian Sims

Skyguard has launched a Customer Service Centre (CSC) account management portal, providing clients with a range of tools to help protect lone worker employees. The CSC allows clients to manage their accounts, user’s personal information, escalation procedures and service features in real-time. Version 2.0 of the CSC includes over 100 new features and improvements, including a user-friendly front-end and new reports, which can now be scheduled for export to email addresses at regular intervals. Other features include Google Map functionality, a breadcrumb trail of user movement, wizard for easy account creation, online support, drag-and-drop functionality, personal safety device configuration changes, post incident reports and sharing of devices. The CSC portal can be accessed via any web browser from any PC, without the need for installing software. Unlimited use of the CSC is inclusive in the monthly subscription.

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