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PerpetuityARC Training launches Advanced Close Protection training course

by Brian Sims

PerpetuityARC Training, part of the Linx International Group, has just introduced a training course focused on Advanced Close Protection that’s specifically designed for those sector professionals who’ve already gained their Security Industry Authority licence. This highly practical course provides close protection operatives with an advanced understanding of protocols for the discipline, including situational awareness, risk management and unarmed conflict management.

During the five-day course, which is taught in Oxford, participants will be placed in real-life scenarios, instructed how to identify threats through enhanced situational awareness and provided with the tools to better prepare for and provide close protection in any given situation or environment.

Sarah Hayward, head of sales at PerpetuityARC Training, explained to Risk Xtra: “This is a hands-on, Best Practice course which involves the strategic planning, preparation and execution of an elite close protection service.”

Ideally, learners will already be working within the sector, but also looking to hone and enhance their skill sets.  Participation also demonstrates to potential clients and employers a willingness to partake in Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Training is provided by highly-skilled professionals who have a wealth of experience in corporate, VIP and hostile environments.

The course agenda includes route planning, foot drills, behavioural analysis, threat profiling, unarmed conflict management, vehicle embus/de-bus drills, conflict resolution, Security Advanced Party (SAP), preparing and working with the principal, advanced situational awareness, radio communication protocols, equipping and managing the close protection team, understanding and assessing threats and risk, low-level protection and also weapon retention and armed defence (where appropriate).

The five-day Advanced Close Protection course costs £1,995 +VAT (non-residential) per participant. The open course runs from 5-9 November.

*For further information call 0116 277 3313 or access www.perpetuitytraining.com

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