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PerpetuityARC Training attains IQ Level 5 accreditation for workplace investigations course

by Brian Sims

PerpetuityARC Training, which is part of the Linx International Group, has announced that its Advanced Investigation Techniques course has attained IQ Level 5 accreditation. The five-day classroom course provides security and HR professionals, general managers and individuals working in compliance and audit roles with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct effective and legally compliant investigations.

Advanced Investigation Techniques is ideal for professionals working in the private sector who have completed the Workplace Investigations and Interviewing course (BTEC Level 4) or already have knowledge and experience of workplace investigations and interviews. The comprehensive syllabus covers ethics, the principles and policy of investigation, incident scene management and evidence recovery and human factors including interview skills, problem solving and report preparation.

Specific topics addressed include the roles and responsibilities of the advanced investigator, integrity policies and ‘whistleblowing’ considerations, transparency versus confidentiality, investigation structure, accountability and reporting lines, disclosure issues, key legislation, vital forensic principles, cyber issues, the need for early liaison with legal and judiciary advisors, the importance of research, types and characteristics of witnesses, the identification and recognition of coping strategies, personal resilience, patience and focus and welfare and support.

The awarding body, Industry Qualifications, has a reputation for being Best in Class in terms of assessment integrity and customer service. The organisation is approved by the UK’s regulators of qualifications, namely Ofqual, CCEA, Qualifications Wales and SQA.

Sarah Hayward-Turton, head of sales at Linx International Group, stated: “We are proud that this important and extremely relevant course has the deserved prestige of IQ Level 5 accreditation. When conducting a workplace investigation, adherence to due process and attention to detail is everything. This course gives those responsible the guidance, skills and confidence to take control and handle investigations correctly, fairly and consistently.”

*The next Advanced Investigation Techniques course takes place from 22 to 26 July 2019 in Oxford. Non-residential places cost £1,995 plus VAT, with a 10% discount available if booked more than 12 weeks in advance. PerpetuityARC Training can also deliver the course in-house

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