Home Case Studies ParkAdvance system boosts car park security and ticketing regime at Cascades Shopping Centre

ParkAdvance system boosts car park security and ticketing regime at Cascades Shopping Centre

by Brian Sims

WPS, one of the UK’s leading parking systems providers, has installed its ParkAdvance Pay-on-Foot parking technology at the Cascades Shopping Centre in Portsmouth’s city centre.

The six floor strong car park encompasses 615 spaces, 32 of which are for disabled access. Five pay stations service the car park, with three entry terminals and a total of five barriers.

The Shopping Centre’s management team was looking to upgrade the existing system to further enhance the customer experience, and also take advantage of an IP-based system that could be more easily updated to incorporate new functionality as and when it becomes available and required.

Andrew Philip, manager at the Cascades Shopping Centre, observed: “Parking is no longer considered a simple provision, but rather the first vital ‘touch point’ in the customer journey. As such, it’s our responsibility to ensure this is a positive experience. On that basis, we decided to take the parking provision in-house and see where enhancements could be made.”

Issues around lost tickets were one area where Philip was keen to improve the overall experience. “Previously, lost tickets incurred a flat day-rate charge because it wasn’t possible to verify when the customer had entered the car park. The ParkAdvance system incorporates ANPR, meaning that we’re usually able to verify when the customer arrived and solve lost ticket situations efficiently and to a far greater degree of customer satisfaction.”

The new Pay-on-Foot parking system accommodates multiple payment options including contactless, Chip and PIN and cash, and is set up to include card-in/card-out and online pre-paid functionality when timing’s appropriate. ParkAdvance provides immediate access to information on usage patterns.

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