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Outsourcing projects “six times more likely to succeed” with excellence in change management

by Brian Sims

Research findings published by facilities management specialist ISS finds that those projects with ‘excellent’ change management in place are six times more likely to meet objectives than those with ‘poor’ change management – and even those using ‘good’ change management are five times more likely to meet them.

The new ISS White Paper highlights the six key factors to achieve a successful transformation with an outsourcing partner. Every part of the organisation – from the individuals involved to any number of business units – needs to be a part of the process.

For a true partnership to be established, the success of the changes implemented are critical and these are outlined as follows:

*The supplier needs to deliver a structured transition process and use proven change management and project management methodologies

*The transition process needs to be led by a dedicated team of qualified and experienced transition managers established in alignment with the customer’s organisational structure

*Project planning needs to be based on detailed scoping and stakeholder analysis such that the full complexity of the change and related risks are understood

*The scoping and stakeholder analysis should be used to inform targeted change management and communications to reach all stakeholder groups with the right messages

*Governance and reporting structures must provide transparency

*High-quality induction and training are needed to motivate and retain staff and ensure their competencies match the customer requirements

Start of the process

Simon Jacobs, communications and marketing director at ISS UK, commented: “Choosing an outsourcing partner is just the start of the process. As companies now seek more than simple cost savings, the outsourcing partner has a more important role. The two organisations will effectively create an interlocking relationship to allow both to truly focus on their own areas of expertise.”

Jacobs added: “An excellent example of this is the relationship between ISS and one of our major financial services clients. The client sees us as the support and key to delivering an excellent experience which meets its overall brand requirements. Excellence in transition is crucial to putting in place the kind of enduring partnership that outsourcing projects of growing complexity now demand.”

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